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New Products
OC-150G High Voltage High Gain Opto-Coupler
OC100HG Opto-couplerOC100HG Schematic

SMF and SXF Epoxy Diodes - 2kV, 3kV, and 5kV
New! - The SMF6533 5KV molded diodeSMF6533 5KV 50mA 70nS high voltage diodeHV diode schematicRoHS Compliant
2kV - 5kV, 250mA, 70ns - (Part Numbers SMF6529, SMF6531, SMF6533)
2kV - 5kV, 500mA, 70ns - (Part Numbers SXF6521, SXF6523, SXF6525)

5kV 40mA 30nS - Part Number SMF50FF3)
5kV 150mA, 30ns - (Part Number SXF50FF3)

The SMF and SXF diodes feature up to 5kV in the smallest footprint available. Designed for automatic pick-and-place. Tape-and-reel available.

Last Update: 08 August 2016